August 2014

Internet Mana have revealed a billion dollar plan to create 50,000 jobs in New Zealand however as politics would have it the main headlines are their press secretary Pam Corkery telling journalists to “piss off” for only wanting to interview Kim Dotcom.  (more…)

We might have a great boss or think we are a great boss – but reading this article from Linked In made me see bosses in a whole new light – check it out (more…)

If you are putting yourself and your business out there then your first impressions might be all you are going to get – much like a first date. (more…)

Not long ago, Malcolm Gladwell made a bold prediction. Fifty years from now, Apple will be around and Microsoft will be gone, but Bill Gates will be remembered—and Steve Jobs won’t. (more…)

The latest Announcement from Statistics New Zealand is good news for the economy with the lowest rate of unemployment in 5 years  (more…)

Cloud-based accounting just got even easier for ASB customers as ASB have integrated their online banking platform with Xero.    (more…)

If you are thinking about marketing your business (and let’s face it who isn’t!) then take a look at this thought provoking article in the Herald. (more…)

With Elections looming parties are finally starting to release their plans for small businesses. No doubt there is more to come but here are some highlights so far: (more…)